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Molina KO’s Williams in Four; Gonzales Decisions Mouton

Molina KO’s Williams in Four; Gonzales Decisions Mouton

By Aaron Lloyd

Lightweight contender John Molina buried some skeletons on Friday Night when he registered an impressive 4th round KO over the hard punching St. Louis native Dannie Williams.  Molina started cautiously, and Williams seemed to steal the early action with his hand speed, movement and the occasional overhand right.  In round three, however, Molina began to close the distance, and after getting the better end of a clash of heads, he upped his attack and went on the offensive.  Molina was stalking in the 4th frame, and just under the 2:30 mark he landed a right hand to the temple of Williams that sent him through the ropes and onto the ring apron.  Williams struggle to his feet, but was still standing outside the ring at the count of ten.  With the win, Molina improves to 25-2 (20 KO’s), while Williams, suffering his 2nd loss in his last 3 fights, falls to 22-3 (18 KO’s).

In preliminary action, Sacramento native Brandon Gonzales improved to 17-0 (10) after winning a workmanlike eight round decision over Texas native Don Mouton 12-5-1 (10).  Gonzalez was the busier fighter throughout, and he utilized his superior hand speed to score with sharp punches on the inside.  Gonzales started off boxing and using his jab on the outside, but from round two on, the fight was contested at close quarters.  Mouton proved to be a game challenger, but he simply just did not offer up enough on offense to deserve the win.  After eight rounds of predictable action, Gonzales was declared the winner by scores of 78-75, 77-75, 77-75.


Entertainment Continues at Turning Stone with More Championship Boxing

Entertainment Continues at Turning Stone with More Championship Boxing

Turning Stone Resort and Casino, a four-season, destination resort in Upstate New York, will once again be host to championship boxing on Friday, January 25, 2013, when the event center hosts ESPN’s Friday Night Fights. The main event will feature NABO middleweight champion Brian Vera, scheduled to defend his title against Sergiy “Razor” Dzinziruk, former WBO junior middleweight champion.

This will be the second time in a few months that Dzinziruk visits Turning Stone. On his recent appearance in September, he fought to a draw with Jonathan Gonzalez. No one knows how he will fare against the number-four-ranked Vera in WBO’s middleweight division.

In case one amazing fight isn’t enough, the co-feature fight will pit Tony “Lightning” Luis against Miguel “Silky Smooth” Gonzalez in the junior welterweight bout. Turning Stone alum Luis scored a first-round knockout against Andres Ledesma in September. Gonzalez suffered an end to a 14-fight winning streak in his fight against Mike Dallas, Jr. last February. Will he come back on top, or will Luis’ good luck and strong fist bring him down?

Undercard bouts will be announced soon. Doors will open at the Turning Stone Event Center on January 25 at 6:30 p.m. with the first undercard fight beginning at 7:30. ESPN2’s live telecast begins at 9:00 p.m. EST. Tickets from $25 can be purchased at or by calling the box office at 315-361-7469. All bouts are subject to change without prior notice.

Boxing enthusiasts will not be disappointed with fights at Turning Stone Resort and Casino. Promoter Greg Cohen is especially excited to be back at Turning Stone and reports, “Turning Stone’s commitment to hosting championship level nationally-televised events has quickly made it a premier East Coast venue for boxing.” He also adds, “Turning Stone is my favorite place to hold an event bar none. January 25th will be another terrific night of boxing for the fans.”


Darley Perez Wins a Split Decision Over Baha Mamadjonov

Darley Perez Wins a Split Decision Over Baha Mamadjonov

By Aaron Lloyd

Columbian lightweight prospect Darley Perez narrowly remained unbeaten on Friday night after taking a tough split decision victory over Uzbek Bahodir Mamadjonov by scores of 95-94, 95-94, and 93-96.  Perez came out a bit lethargic and gave away the early rounds as he struggled to deal with Mamadjonov’s movement and hand speed, however, In the middle rounds, Perez began to close the distance, and behind a high, tight guard, managed to get inside and have success putting Mamadjonov on the ropes.  Perez was clearly the aggressor throughout the last half of the fight, and in round number eight he dropped Mamadnojov with a right uppercut that solidified his standing in the fight.  Although several of the closing rounds were close and Mamadjonov may have stolen a few of them (particularly the last), it was Perez’s forward aggression and willingness to take the fight to his fleeing opponent that deservedly won him the decision.  With the win, Darley Perez improved to 26-0 with 19 knockouts, while Mamadjonov, suffering the first defeat of his career, fell to 11-1 with 7 KO’s.    

Round By Round

Rd-1 Cautious opening round.  Baha dives in occasionally and Perez bats him away.  Baha is throwing & landing straight lefts to the body.  Perez is trying to throw the counter left and missing.  Feeling out round that could go either way.  A 10-10 is definitely justified, but I will give it to Baha 10-9

Rd-2 Perez is punching more this round, closing the distance a bit.  Very little is being thrown, and even less is landing cleanly until the 30 second mark when Baha lands a big left hook that hurts Perez, he wobbles a bit and grabs.  The round ends, and Perez looks OK, but Baha made a much needed statement.  (20-18 Baha)

Rd-3 Baha is much more active.  Perez is waiting and not throwing.  Baha is circling and giving Perez troubles with the movement.  Perez has to let his hands go.  He looks lost at this point. (30-27 Baha)

Rd-4 Both fighters are throwing from distance and missing.  Perez is too hesitant, and Baha is making him miss every time he throws.  Very little offense to this point.  Perez is throwing wide hooks and Baha is slipping and moving away.  He would do well to throw straight down the middle.  Perez had a better round from an activity point.  Neither fighter landing anything, but Perez was busier (39-37 Baha)

Rd-5 Perez closes the distance more this round.  Baha is fighting a slick defensive fight but offering up very little on the offense end.  Perez is coming forward trying to make the fight.  He is having little success getting to Baha, but his effort is improving (48-47 Baha)

Rd-6 Both fighters are showing too much respect for each other, making for a rather dull fight.  Baha leaps in with a good straight left, but Perez comes forward and tries to pin Baha on the ropes.  Baha is boxing WAY more than advertised.  Perez is keeping his guard up nicely, and he is stepping up the attack more.  Baha looks like he is fighting to survive.  (57-57)

Rd-7 Perez is walking Baha down.  He is still throwing too wide, and could use the jab to help him get inside, but he has become the aggressor over his smaller opponent.  Perez is finally able to get to him, put him on the ropes and land the much harder shots.  Baha doesn’t seem to have the ability to hurt him at this point (67-66 Perez) 

Rd-8 Perez is catching Baha with short, clean shots this round.  At 1:15 he lands a big right uppercut that puts Baha on the seat of his pants.  Baha rises, and doesn’t look hurt, but is on the bicycle.  Just as the bell sounds, Baha lands a HUGE right on Perez that looked the best punch of the night.  Perez staggers back to the corner.  This is about to get interesting.  (77-74 Perez)

Rd-9 Not seeing the power or the tenacity from Baha that was promised.  Perez is the one coming forward, blocking shots and delivering the goods.  Baha had his moments, leaping in with straight lefts, but Perez landed the better shots in the round. (87-83 Perez)

Rd-10 Decent exchange to start the round.  Baha is throwing big shots but Perez is blocking them with a tigh, high guard.  Baha probably did more in the final round, but another close round.  The final bell sounds, Perez looks to have done enough to get the win.  I have Perez winning by a 96-93 margin, 6 rounds to 4 with an extra point for the knockdown.

On the Undercard: Chris Avalos 20-2 (15) W12 Yenifel Vicente 23-1-2 (15)

Rd-1 Both fighters keeping the distance, throwing sharp crisp punches.  Avalos doubling up and following with the straight.  Avalos is stepping forward throwing combinations.  Vicente is fighting well, but Avalos is a little sharper.  He lands a good right to punctuate the round.  10-9

Rd-2 Avalos threw 115 punches in the first frame.  Excellent action to start round 2.  Avalos is firing combinations, and at 1:22 he lands a 2-punch combo that staggers Vicente a bit.  At :45 Avalos drills him with a straight left.  Avalos is doing good work this round, boxing smart, letting his hand speed do the work.  Clear round for Avalos (20-18 Avalos).

Rd-3 Vicente is throwing wildly and missing.  Avalos is picking punches off and firing back accurately.  With the minute to go Vicente does his best work of the fight, landing a left hook/ straight right.  Avalos steps back and makes him pay.  Vicente is fighting with more urgency, still behind 3-0 (30-27 Avalos) 

Rd-4 Clash of heads to start round 4, but no cut.  Avalos is putting punches together well, standing in front of Vicente and backing out.  With a minute to go Vicente puts Avalos on the ropes and hammers him with a couple shots.  Good finish for Vicente.  Avalos won the first 2/3 but Vicente came on strong and may have stolen it in the last 30 seconds. (39-37 Avalos)

Rd-5 Vicente lands a good right to start the round.  At the 2:30 mark Avalos lands his own right that drops Vicente!  Vicente makes it up, and he doesn’t appear too hurt.  But Avalos pursues and hurts Vicente with another right.  Vicente backs off, wobbly, and lands some good shots of his own.  Excellent action from both.  Vicente survives, but he is in trouble. (49-45 Avalos) 

Rd-6 Avalos is busier and more accurate this round.  Vicente looks to be in good condition.  Avalos is landing good combinations, but nothing lands with much power.  Vicente has lost some of his will.  Clear round for Avalos (59-54 Avalos)

Rd-7 Good action to start round 7.  Vicente comes out throwing bombs, missing most, but does catch Avalos with a good shot.  Avalos is still faster and busier, putting punches together where Vicente is loading up looking for the knockout.  It is desperation time for Vicente.  He still has the puncher’s chance, but Avalos is winning every round (69-63 Avalos)

Rd-8 Through 7 rounds, Avalos has thrown twice as many punches.  At 2:30 Vicente lands a big right on the break.  The referee stops the action.  Avalos takes a moment to recuperate.  Good back and forth action.  With under a minute to go Avalos lands several hard shots in a row to win the round in convincing fashion. (79-72 Avalos) 

Rd-9 Vicente comes out swinging hard.  He still looks to have plenty of power, but he is getting hit too much.  Avalos needs to be fighting more cautiously, but he still chooses to stand in front of Vicente and pepper him with shots.  He is in control and cruising right now (89-81 Avalos)

Rd-10 Vicente lands several good left hooks.  Both fighters trade and Vicente is getting the better of it.  Avalos is falling in, looking to hold.  Avalos finishes with an excellent combination, and the two continue trading after the bell.  Excellent fight!  Avalos is a clear winner, but Vicente fought a tough, game fight and has nothing to be ashamed of (98-91 Avalos)

Chris Avalos is the winner 97-92 on all 3 judges’ cards!


It’s Good Fortune for Fortuna in KO Win

It’s Good Fortune for Fortuna in KO Win

By Aaron Lloyd

July 6, 2012- Dominican junior lightweight Javier Fortuna continued his impressive string of knockout victories on Friday after stopping veteran Cristobal Cruz in the second round of their ESPN televised bout.  Fortuna came out as explosive and wild as ever, knocking down Cruz once in the first and finishing him off for good in the second.  Just 30 seconds into round two, Fortuna landed a beautiful, picture-perfect straight left hand that floored Cruz, and while he managed to get to his feet, referee Robert Byrd immediately waved off the action, and awarded the victory to Fortuna. 

Fortuna displayed exceptional hand speed and power, and while his “offensive first” mentality may be a hindrance to him down the road against better, counter-punching talent, his exciting style and aggressiveness are definitely worth the effort to stand and take notice.  With the win, Javier Fortuna improved to 20-0 with 15 knockouts, while Cruz, suffering only the 3rd KO loss in his 57 fight career, and his first in more than a decade, fell to 39-13-3 (23).     



Provodnikov Dominates In Knockout Win

Provodnikov Dominates In Knockout Win

By Aaron Lloyd

June 29, 2012- Junior welterweight prospect Ruslan Provodnikov improved to 22-1 (15) after scoring a second round knockout victory over Mexican Jose Reynoso on ESPN’s telecast of Friday Night Fights.  Provodnikov wasted little time jumping on his opponent, as a series of straights, hook, and uppercuts had Reynoso reeling midway through the second frame.  Provodnikov jumped on his dazed opponent and landed a nice double right hook combination (one up and one down) that snapped Reynoso’s head back and sent him to the canvas.  Unable to rise before the 10 count, the bout ended with Provodnikov declared a second round KO winner. Afterwards, the excited Russian stated (through a translator), “I have been through three months of training camp, first with Manny (Pacquiao), and then my own.  This was the pay off.” With the loss, Reynoso fell to 16-4-1 with 3 knockouts.

Round By Round

Rd-1 Provonikov is coming forward; not landing terribly effectively, but coming forward and taking the fight to Reynoso. Reynoso lands some good counter shots, but the aggression of Provodnikov may have won the round 10-9

Rd-2 Provodnikov lands a series of straight right hands and has Reynoso hurt.  Reynoso staggers back into the ropes, and Provodnikov lands a right to the body and a right to the head.  Reynoso’s heads snaps back and he goes down, he doesn’t make the ten count! Provodnikov is the winner by way of a 2nd round KO.

Also on the Undercard

San Diego junior featherweight Christopher Martin improved to 24-2-3 (7) after registering a 6th round TKO over Mexican Roberto Castaneda, 20-2-1 (15).  Castaneda fought a very active fight through the first five rounds, leading well with the jab and firing off combinations, however, Martin managed to slip and block the majority, and looked to have the edge in clean punches landed as the bout entered the halfway point.  In round five, landed to the body with a right uppercut that sent Castaneda down.  After rising at the count of nine, the bell sounded, and the hurt fighter slowly made his way to the corner.  In round six, it was another body shot (this time a left hook) that sent Castaneda down once again, this time for good.  Castaneda did beat the count, but when asked if he could continue, he shook his head no.  All in all, a very good win for Martin, who was less busy, but far more accurate throughout.  He displayed excellent defensive skills, and landed the majority of the clean punches landed.

Round By Round

Rd-1 Martin lands a good body punch and then a hard right hand on Castaneda. Martin is also quicker on the jab so far.  Contest is getting a little ragged as both fighters are lunging and missing.  Martin again lands a solid combo of left hook, double right hand.  10-9 Martin (courtesy of

Rd-2 Castaneda is much busier in round two, landing the jab, and landing shots up and down on the inside.  He looks to have found a way to get to Martin, and he is having much more success this round 10-9.  (19-19)

Rd-3 Castaneda much busier, but Martin landing cleanly, albeit less frequently.  Castaneda gets caught with a big two punch combination, and a left hook later that may have cost him the round. Castaneda is doing good work, but getting caught. 10-9 Martin (29-28 Martin) 

Rd-4 Castaneda starts very fast.  Landing good body shots, and at the 2 minute mark, he lands a series of punches that has Martin covering up.  Martin doesn’t look hurt, but not firing back, losing clearly.  Good end to the round, both fighters landing well. Castaneda 10-9 (38-38)

Rd-5 Martin countering effectively.  Castaneda still throwing but not landing as effectively.  Seconds before the round ends, Martin lands a body shot that puts Castaneda down.  Castaneda gets up just as the bell sounds.  Right upper cut to the solar plexus 10-8 Martin. (48-46 Martin)

Rd-6 Martin comes out aggressively to start round 6.  Martin is still landing clean counters, and covering well.  With 45 seconds to go, Martin lands another body shot that sends Castaneda down again.  He gets up at 9, but when asked if he wants to continue he shakes his head no.  Left hook ends it in the 6th!


Karim Mayfield-Raymond Serrano Recap

Karim Mayfield-Raymond Serrano Recap

By Aaron Lloyd

May 18, 2012- Junior welterweight prospect Karim Mayfield kept his undefeated streak intact on Friday night after scoring an impressive 5th round knockout over highly regarded Philadelphia native Raymond Serrano.  From the opening bell, Mayfield made it a physical affair on the inside, and had success timing Serrano with leaping straight rights, while Serrano managed to find success of his own with well timed countering rights.  Through two rounds the fight appeared to be even on the scorecards, however, in round three Mayfield landed a right hand that dropped Serrano and immediately prompted an eight count.  Mayfield loaded up and pursued wildly, throwing punches from too close, allowing Serrano to buy some time in the clinches and shake the cobwebs, before ultimately being pushed to the canvas on two more occasions.  Clinging to life, Serrano looked lucky to make it out of the third frame, as a visibly winded Mayfield struggled to put his punches together effectively and close things out.  In round number four, Serrano seemed to get his legs under him, as Mayfield allowed his seemingly beaten opponent an opportunity to briefly get back into the fight.  However, just as the bell sounded to end round four, Mayfield dropped a straight right hand that forced Serrano down once again, this time flat on his face.  After struggling to get up, the referee sent him to his corner where chaos ensued.  Serrano, unable to fully recover, tried to hang on in round five, but after taking more punishment via the right hand, referee Eddie Claudio had seen enough, and called a halt to the action at 47 seconds into the fifth. With the win, Karim Mayfield improved to 16-0-1 with 10 knockouts, while Raymond Serrano fell to 18-1 (8).

In all, it was a tough night for the Philadelphia kid (just 22 years of age) as he was beaten badly by a more seasoned and physical fighter.  Serrano looked poised in the early rounds, but the pressure and hand speed were too much for a fighter of his limited experience to deal with, as Mayfield ultimately dictated the terms of the fight, and rendered Serrano’s offense ineffective.


Fight Recap: Hank Lundy-Dannie Williams

Fight Recap: Hank Lundy-Dannie Williams

By Aaron Lloyd

Hammerin’ Hank Lundy let his fists do the talking on Friday night as he defended his NABF lightweight title with an impressive unanimous decision victory over “Dangerous” Dannie Williams.  Lundy boxed exceptionally well from the outside, utilizing his jab, superior hand speed, and boxing skills to frustrate the hard punching St. Louis native, but the victory did not come entirely without cost, as Lundy was once again forced to get off the canvas before settling in. In round one, Williams landed a perfectly timed left hook high on Lundy’s temple that dropped him to a knee.  Lundy rose quickly, and managed to extricate himself from the round without suffering any further damage, however the knockdown provided some tense moments over the next few rounds as Williams loaded up, looking to test Lundy’s chin again.  Lundy responded with a solid second frame, as Teddy Atlas made mention of the fact that Williams was loading up, looking for the knockout instead of letting the fight come to him.  In rounds three and four, the action was close, but Lundy looked more skillful as he scored with the jab and covered up well.  In the middle of round three, Williams timed Lundy coming in once again and had the champion staggered, but he displayed excellent recuperative powers and fought on unfazed.

Through the middle and late rounds, Hank Lundy began to put on a boxing clinic, doubling and tripling up with the jab and snapping Williams’ head back with his precision.  By round seven it was all Lundy, as he countered, moved, slipped, and out-boxed his less experienced opponent earning a comfortable lead on the scorecards coming down the stretch.  By rounds 9 and 10 it looked as if the threat of a Williams KO had disappeared as Lundy confidently took chances and received little retaliatory fire in return.  At the fights’ conclusion, Hank Lundy had earned a unanimous decision by margins of 97-92, 97-92, and 98-91, and improved to 22-1-1 with 11 knockouts, while Dannie Williams fell to 21-2 with 17 KO’s.

In all, Hank Lundy fought a very smart, professional fight and earned the right to be considered among the game’s best lightweights, and while questions will still remain regarding his chin, there is no questing his skill and heart.


Neutral Boxing Results 8/14-8/20

Titlist and Contender Results From Around the World

Aug 19, 2011 Jr. Middleweights

Demetrius Andrade 14-0 (9)

W 10

Grady Brewer 28-13 (16)

  • Prospect Demetrius Andrade jab, jab, jabbed his way to a rather dull and lackluster 10 round unanimous decision win over “Contender” veteran Grady Brewer this past weekend, improving to 14-0  with 9 knockouts.  Andrade fought a smart fight and handled Brewer with little difficulty as the two scores of 99-91 and one score of 98-92 confirmed.  Although the crowd at ringside was vocal over its displeasure at the bouts’ lack of action,  Andrade still remains one of the  most highly regarded prospects at 154 pounds, and commentator Andre Ward defended the former Olympians performance by saying, “this is prize-fighting, not pride-fighting.”   
Aug 19, 2011 Lightweights

Hank Lundy 21-1-1 (11)

KO 6

David Diaz 36-4-1 (17)

  • The season finale of ESPN’s Friday Night Fights was highlighted this weekend by the spirited lightweight contest between “Hammerin” Hank Lundy and David Diaz.  Lundy started the action quickly and controlled the tempo from the onset of the bout through the first four rounds, while he landed well with combinations and avoided the wider punches of Diaz.  In the fourth frame, however, Lundy’s overconfidence partially contributed to a Diaz resurgence, as a series of right hooks sent Lundy reeling and hole-stepping halfway across the ring, before eventual coming to rest on his knees.  After being issued the standard eight, Lundy managed to hold on until he once again regained his legs, and the anticipation of a Diaz knockout subsided.  Just as the momentum turned in Diaz’s favor, an unfortunate cut across the brow caused a torrential downpour of blood across the right side of Diaz’s face, foreshadowing what looked to be an eventual stoppage.  In the sixth round, however, Lundy made good on a different kind of stoppage, when he countered a lazy jab thrown by Diaz with an excellently timed straight left which caught the former champion flush on the chin and rendered him motionless.  Diaz was immediately pronounced out, thus ending another extremely entertaining fight, and concluding a very successful and thrilling season for the Friday Night Fight series. 
Aug 19, 2011 Lightweights

Michael Perez 14-0-1 (8)

KO 1

Miguel Gonzalez 7-4 (3)

  • The 2008 National Golden Gloves lightweight champion continued his winning ways as a professional this past weekend with an easy one round knockout victory over an overmatched opponent.  Just 21 years of age, Perez is currently rated #101 on Boxrec’s current list of lightweight contenders.     
Aug 19, 2011 Bantamweights

Cesar Seda Jr. 21-1 (15)

W 10

Jose Silveira 12-5 (4)

  • Cesar Seda Jr. pitched a shutout against Jose Silveira this weekend, winning an easy decision victory over a game but overmatched Jose Silveira.  At the end of the ten rounds all three judges agreed on the scoring, and 100-90 across the board was the end result.–42835

Aug 19, 2011 Cruiserweights

Montell Griffin 50-8-1 (30)

W 8

DeAndrey Abron 15-10 (10)

Aug 19, 2011 NABF Jr. Featherweight Title

Efrain Esquivias 14-0 (9)

W 10

Juan Ruiz 23-7 (7)

Aug 19, 2011 NABA Jr. Welterweight Title

Edgar Santana 26-3 (17)


Omri Lowther 14-4 (10)

  • Santana won the vacant NABA junior welterweight title this past Friday with a 5th round stoppage of Omri Lowther.  The win was Santana’s 5th in a row and his 21st out of his last 22 fights.
Aug 19, 2011 Interim WBO/NABO Heavyweight Title

Amir Mansour 15-0 (11)

W 10

Dominick Guinn 33-8-1 (22)

Aug 19, 2011 Welterweights

Matthew Hatton 42-5-2 (16)

W 12

Andrei Abramenka 15-1-2 (3)

  • Matthew Hatton got back on the winning side of things this past weekend with an effortless unanimous decision victory over previously unbeaten but untested Andrei Abramenka.  Hatton was easily in control of the action from start to finish, as evidenced by the 118-110 and 118-109 scoring.–42815

Aug 19, 2011 WBC Jr. Bantamweight Title

Suriyan Sor Ringvisai 19-5-1 (7)

W 12

Tomas Rojas 36-13-1 (24)

  • Things didn’t turn out so well for Rojas in his quest to defend his WBC title for a second straight time.  Challenger Sor Ringvisai came to fight, and while Rojas attempted to box from the outside over the first three quarters of the fight, he found himself trailing on the scorecards in the late going, and he ultimately lost the decision and the title, 114-115, 112-116, and 111-117.—42808

Aug 20, 2011 Jr. Middleweights

Alfredo Angulo 20-1 (17)

KO 1

Joseph Gomez 17-5-1 (8)

  • Angulo looked sharp in his return bout and proved that he is ready to jump back into title contention after an impressive one-round KO victory over Gomez this past Saturday night.  Gomez proved to be no match for the hard punching Mexican and one round is all it took to get the Angulo comeback on track.  The question being asked by many boxing insiders now is whether Vanes Martirosyan will be the next likely opponent.  

Aug 20, 2011 Jr. Featherweights

Fernando Montiel 46-2-2 (35)

KO 3

Alvaro Perez 21-4-1 (12)

  • Montiel keeps working his way back into the thick of the title landscape, and this weekend he took another step forward with a KO victory over Nicaraguan Alvaro Perez in Baja California, Mexico.  Although Montiel has fought at 122 pounds his last two fights, there are still some very interesting fights to be made for him at 118 if he chooses, and at 32, he appears to have plenty left to offer.–42858      

Aug 20, 2011 Heavyweights

Oliver McCall 56-11 (37)

  W 10

Damian Wills 30-3-1 (23)

  • At 46, McCall is no Bernard Hopkins but he is riding a one-fight win streak, so please somebody hurry up and get John Ruiz on the phone!

Aug 20, 2011 Super Middleweights

Edwin Rodriguez 19-0 (14)


Chris Traietti 10-3 (6)

  • Decorated amateur Edwin Rodriguez impressed on Saturday night in front of his hometown crowd in Worcester Massachusetts, winning by way of a 2nd round TKO.  Rodriguez worked well to the body and displayed power in both hands as he easily improved to 19-0 with 14 knockouts.

Aug 20, 2011 Flyweights

Rocky Fuentes 29-6-2 (17)

W 12

Hirofumi Mukai 5-1 (0)

  • It was just another day at the office for Fuentes, who now has won 10 fights in a row going back to 2007.  The outcome of this “Oriental and Pacific Boxing Federation” title fight was never in question as Fuentes won 9 rounds on one card and 10 rounds on the other two cards.

Hammerin’ Hank Hits Home Run in Friday Night Finale

The season finale of ESPN’s Friday Night Fights was highlighted this weekend by the spirited lightweight contest between “Hammerin” Hank Lundy and David Diaz. Lundy started the action quickly, and controlled the tempo from the onset of the bout through the first four rounds, landing well with combinations and slipping and avoiding the wider punches of Diaz. In the fourth frame, however, Lundy’s overconfidence partially contributed to a Diaz resurgence, as a series of right hooks sent Lundy reeling and hole-stepping halfway across the ring, before eventual coming to rest on his knees. After being issued the standard eight, Lundy managed to hold on until he once again regained his legs, and the anticipation of a Diaz knockout subsided. Just as the momentum turned in Diaz’s favor, an unfortunate cut across the brow caused a torrential downpour of blood across the right side of Diaz’s face, foreshadowing what looked to be an eventual stoppage. In the sixth round, however, Lundy made good on a different kind of stoppage, when he countered a lazy jab thrown by Diaz with an excellently timed straight left which caught the former champion flush on the chin, and rendered him involuntarily motionless. Diaz was immediately counted out, thus ending another extremely entertaining ESPN sponsored affair, and bringing an end to a very successful and thrilling year of Friday Night Fight action.