Tarver-Kayode Recap

Tarver-Kayode Recap

By Brian Grammer


Antonio Tarver retained his IBO Cruiserweight championship with a draw with Lateef Kayode at tonight’s Showtime Fourwarned card.  

Tarver started quite slow and gave up quite a few early rounds as it appeared that he was not expecting Kayode to be relaxed and calm.  Kayode was able to stay at distance and box with the champion for the majority of the fight, keeping Tarver away with a good stiff jab and very effective body work.  

In the middle rounds, Tarver appeared to change the momentum of the contest by switching to a conventional stance, and was popping the left jab and hook into the Nigerian’s face and then the right hand into his body.  

As the fight closed in on the championship rounds, both fighters appeared to think that they were comfortably in the lead, even if their corners were imploring each boxer to pick up the pace.  Both competitors were more active as the rounds wound down and the power of Kayode, at least to this writer, appeared to be just a bit too much for Tarver.  The right hand from the challenger found its target on Tarver’s face and midsection more often and with more authority than the Magic Man’s retorts.

At the end of the contest, both fighters raised their hands in victory and after the scorecards were read 115-113, 113-115, and 114-114, both were deserving of the honor.  FNPP scored the contest 115-113 for Kayode.


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