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Mathis vs. Holm II Confirmed For WBF World Title

NEWS RELEASE: World Boxing Federation a.s.b.l. (WBF)

Mathis vs. Holm II Confirmed For WBF World Title

By Clive Baum

April 30, 2012-It’s now confirmed that a rematch between perhaps the two best pound-for-pound female boxers in the world, and definitely the two best welterweights, Anne Sophie Mathis (26-1, 22 KOs) of France and American Holly Holm (30-2-3, 9 KOs), will take place on June 15 in Albuquerque, New Mexico for Mathis’ World Boxing Federation World Welterweight title.  

This serves as clear indication that the WBF is already the top sanctioning body for female boxing, and WBF president Howard Goldberg, who will be acting as supervisor for the bout, is delighted about the progress his organization has made in short time:  “We have many of the absolute best female boxers as our world champions, and it is only fitting that the rematch between these two amazing fighters is for the WBF title. I think it’s outstanding that the WBF is already at the very top when it comes to women’s boxing, but I am not surprised that promoters and boxers are realizing that our title is the title to pursue.”  

Mathis and Holm had a grueling encounter last December with Mathis winning by seventh round knockout. As in their original fight, the rematch, appropriately billed as “The Reckoning”, will take place at Route 66 Casino Hotel, and will be promoted by Fresquez Productions. It will be Mathis’ third defense of the WBF World title she won in June of last year.    

For questions and inquiries, feel free to contact: World Boxing Federation Media Director Clive Baum at


Dawson-Hopkins Recap

Dawson-Hopkins Recap

By Aaron Lloyd

Chad Dawson W12 Bernard Hopkins

April 28, 2012, Las Vegas, NV- “Bad” Chad Dawson got some much sought after redemption, as well as his WBC light heavyweight title back, after winning a tactical twelve round decision over 47-year old Bernard Hopkins on Saturday night in Las Vegas.  In rounds one and two, Dawson seemed to have the advantage over the lethargic aged champion, as the fight’s only offensive output was courtesy of Dawson’s pawing right jab and very occasional straight left hand.  In fact the action was so sparse that commentator Jim Lampley was prompted to remark, “Somewhere there are some great light heavyweights rolling over in their graves at the dreadful action that has taken place here today so far.”    

In rounds three and four, Hopkins was able to land several leaping lead right hands and tie up Dawson on the inside, as the grappling and wrestling tactics from the first fight seemed to carry over into the rematch.  Towards the close of round four, Hopkins’ lunging tactics resulted in a clash of heads that opened a gash over Dawson’s left eye, which luckily, did not hamper his vision or affect the bouts outcome going forward. 

During the middle rounds, Chad Dawson began to fight with a greater sense of urgency, increasing his activity and landing solid straight/lead left hands that found their mark on his elusive veteran opponent.  The discrepancy in speed, skill, stamina, and activity were becoming more and apparent as Hopkins was relegated to throwing just one punch at a time and charging in ineffectively with his head down.  Coming down the stretch, the scoring seemed to favor Dawson by widening margins, and despite one preposterous card turned in by judge Luis Rivera of 114-114, the two scores of 117-111 were in line, and very much justified.

It was a very impressive performance for the young southpaw as he dictated the pace, let his hands go, and kept his cool in the face of some brutish and desperate tactics by Hopkins.  Dawson threw 31 more punches; he out-landed Hopkins 151-106, and he made it a statistical clean sweep by connecting on 44 more power shots.  In all, Dawson proved that he could out-box and out-fight the wily veteran, and made a solid case for himself as the number one light heavyweight in the world.         

Seth Mitchell TKO 3 Chazz Witherspoon

Top American heavyweight prospect Seth Mitchell kept his “major” championship aspirations alive on Saturday after a rousing, gutsy 3rd round TKO over game veteran Chazz Witherspoon in Las Vegas.  Witherspoon started quickly, utilizing his jab and movement to keep Mitchell at distance, and about halfway through round one he landed a short chopping right hand that staggered Mitchell and had him looking to cover and grab.  Witherspoon patiently went to work trying to end it early and managed to out-land Mitchell 24-7 in power connects, but couldn’t finish the job before the bell sounded.  At the start of round two, Mitchell looked to have his legs under him, and he proceeded to turn the tables, taking the fight to Witherspoon, controlling the action on the inside, and overwhelming his opponent by throwing 81 punches over the course of the second frame.  Mitchell showed tremendous poise, resiliency, and determination in fighting his way through his round one stinger, and by round three, with the cobwebs completely cleared, he proceeded to dominate Witherspoon on every front. 

Midway through the third, Mitchell landed a right/left hook combo upstairs that sent Witherspoon down in a heap.  After a count of six, Witherspoon was back on his feet, but was little more than fodder for the charging Mitchell.  Against the ropes and unable to return fire or protect himself, referee Randy Neuman stepped in and called a halt to the action after a closer inspection of Witherspoon’s condition.  At the time of the stoppage, Compubox numbers showed a distinct advantage in Mitchell’s favor, as he out-threw Witherspoon by a margin of 205-182 and out-landed him 80-60.  In addition, Mitchell also managed to land 44% of his power shots (58-132) making the onslaught all the more unbearable for Witherspoon.  

With the loss, Chazz Witherspoon fell to 30-3 (22) while Mitchell improved to 25-0-1 with 19 knockouts, setting up rumors of a potential June 30thshowdown with former fringe titlist and 90s era contender, Michael Grant.


Sillakh-Grachev Recap

Sillakh-Grachev Recap

By Brian Grammer

Round 1-Sillakh is much taller than Grachev.  Little hook from Sillakh.  Right hand over the top for Grachev.  Short right hand from Sillakh.  Little uppercut from Sillakh.  Left hook from Grachev lands on Sillakh’s chin.  Standard feeling out round goes to Sillakh.  10-9.  

Round 2-1-2 from Sillakh.  Double left hook lands for Grachev.  Sillakh lands a left uppercut.  Good body shot from Sillakh.  The left hook is wide open for Sillakh.  Grachev drops his right hand when he jabs.  3 punch combo lands for Sillakh.  Counter left hook lands on Grachev’s jaw.  10-9 Sillakh

Round 3-Good stiff jabs from Sillakh to start the round.  3 punch combo lands for Sillakh.  Grachev is now reaching and is really vulnerable.  Left uppercut rips Grachev.  Right hand lands for Grachev.  Right hand lands for Sillakh.  Jab.jab..jab from Sillakh and then a crisp right hand drops Grachev.  Another right hand lands for Sillakh.  Grachev lands a solid left hook of his own.  Pretty 1-2 and then a 3 punch combo from Sillakh. 10-8 Sillakh.  

Round 4-Sillakh hid the right hand well in last round’s knockdown.  Sillakh is now fighting effectively from the back foot as Grachev pursues and Sillakh is counterpunching with both hands.  Uppercut, left hook combo from Sillakh.  Grachev walks into a right hand.  Right hand to the body for Grachev.  Right hand rips Grachev’s cheek.  Hook lands for Sillakh.  Hook lands again for Sillakh and he has taken control of this fight.  10-9 Sillakh.

Round 5-Good right hand from Sillakh.  Hybrid hook/uppercut lands for Sillakh.  Grachev following Sillakh and reaching.  If Sillakh had any power he could have ended it a long time ago.  Not much action and the crowd is now getting restless.  Uppercut straightens Grachev up.  Lead right hand pounds Grachev.  Slow round won by Sillakh 10-9

Round 6-Right hand strafes Grachev.  Uppercut lands for Sillakh.  Right hand from Grachev.  Sillakh really wants to end this with the uppercut.  Crowd booing again from the lack of action.  3 punch combo from Sillakh.  Right hand gets through for Grachev and it drives Sillakh’s head back.  Bell rings shortly after.  10-9 Sillakh.

Round 7-Sillakh is holding Grachev at bay with the jab after feeling Grachev’s power at the end of round 6.  It was mentioned in the prefight that Sillakh feels like he moves as Muhammad Ali did and watching him this round he is right.  Very smooth lateral movement. Chopping right hand from Sillakh lands.  Granchev counters with a right hand of his own and his stops the movement of Sillakh.  Sillakh starts the jab back up and gets the distance again.   Not enough for Grachev to give him the round, but this one is the closest so far.  10-9 Sillakh.

Round 8-Uppercut from Sillakh lands to Grachev’s midsection.  Right hand lands for Sillakh.  Right hand from Grachev lands on Sillakh’s chin.  3 punch combo from Grachev.  Is Sillakh slowing down?  Grachev is still chasing and not cutting off the ring.  Chopping right followed by a right uppercut.  Grachev lands a right and he has Sillakh in the corner and he is pounding away at Sillakh’s head.  Sillakh is sliding down the ropes and is DOWN…Wow.  The ref has stopped the fight.  Huge upset as Sillakh cannot believe he just lost.  Wow.  Ref stopped before Sillakh hit the deck.

2:18 round 8, referee Rocky Burke stops the contest as Sillakh is knocked out by Grachev.  Sillakh was hoping for the winner of Hopkins – Dawson, but those hopes are now dashed.  Grachev by 8th round knockout!!!


Rising Star “Boxing for Charity” Recap

Rising Star “Boxing for Charity” Recap

By Aaron Lloyd

April 21, 2012, Rising Sun IN- Saturday’s “Boxing for Charity” event at Rising Star Casino, sponsored by Nate Tubbs Promotions, culminated with a spectacular showing by former 2008 Nigerian Olympic qualifier Olandrewaju Durodola, as he thoroughly outclassed Memphis native, and last minute replacement Calvin Rooks over one round.  Durodola came into the ring looking like a Terry Crews body double, amidst shouts from the crowd of p-p-p-p-power! – and he wasted little time taking the fight to his smaller opponent, pinning him against the ropes and landing a solid right hook to the body that brought the festivities to an abrupt ending.  Afterwards, when asked if he knew the punch that sent Rooks down was indeed a knockout blow, Durodola responded in broken English “he couldn’t take my power.”  With the win “God’s Power” improved to 9-0 with 8 knockouts, and manager Kenny Ogaga said he will be ready to fight again on May 19 with a follow up to take place possibly in late June.  “We would like someone like Tyson Fury at some point, but we are also looking at (Haitian) Bermane Stiverne in the near future,” said Ogaga.  With the win Durodola improved to 9-0 with 8 knockouts, and proved he is definitely worth another look.          

In the night’s co-feature, Buster Douglas-trained Columbus OH native John L. Smith remained undefeated after taking a tougher than expected six round decision over 0-3 Ralph Lawrence.  Smith started slowly, letting his smaller opponent out-work him and get inside of his careless jab.  In the middle rounds, however, Smith found the distance with his jab and the straight right hand, taking full advantage of Lawrence’s lack of head movement, as he landed repeatedly with shots on the inside as Lawrence habitually fell forward.  Lawrence advanced unfazed however, and as a result, the bout contributed some of the best (albeit sloppiest) action of the night.  By round six, Smith, at 286 pounds was sucking air, but still doing damage on the inside.  At the end of six, Smith was declared the winner by scores of 59-55, 58-56, and 58-56, improving to 11-0 with 3 knockouts. 

Also on the undercard:

Cincinnati junior lightweight (and crowd favorite) Mel Crossty improved to 5-0-1 after taking a tactical and technical six round decision over debuting Michah Branch.  Crossty utilized the jab well, and landed countless straight left hands which landed cleanly on his game opponent.  Branch worked out of the shell trying to counter Crossty, and did a fine job considering it was his first professional fight, but the more experienced Cincy southpaw was able to out-quick and out-work his opponent en route to winning a much deserved 60-54 unanimous decision.    

Maryland heavyweight, and Janks Morton protégé, Duane Mobley  needed just under two and a half minutes to dispose of Francois Russell, as his size, power, and aggression had his much smaller opponent on the run for much of the round.  Mobley patiently stalked, coming in with hard hooks rather than wasting any time with the jab.  With less than 30 seconds to go in the round, Mobley corned Russell and landed a series of head and body shots, dropping his challenger to one knee, which ten seconds later turned out to be for good.  With the win Mobley improved to 2-0 with 1 KO.

In a female heavyweight bout, Tiffany Woodward and Tanzee Daniels fought to a split decision draw over six rounds.  Woodward overcame a 30 pound weight disadvantage, and used pressure, and a high volume attack to seemingly deserve the nod, but Daniels landed enough counter shots to sway the judges.  It appeared to most ringsiders that Woodward deserved the decision, as she routinely kept her larger antagonist on the ropes and under duress, but the split decision draw told otherwise, 58-56-Woodward, 59-55-Daniels, 57-57-even.   

Featherweight Salvador Perez from Lexington KY improved to 2-1-1 after winning a four round unanimous decision over Cincinnati’s Jimmy Smalls (0-2).  Perez landed the cleaner, harder shots over the course of the twelve minutes, finding particular success with his left hook both up and downstairs.  Smalls had his own success with the jab in round one, but looked tight and tentative in two through four, as Perez repeatedly caught him with solid left hooks on the chin.  As round four ticked to a close, Perez landed a clean left that forced Small’s right glove to the canvas prompting an eight count, and widening the scores on the cards.  When the final scores were tallied, Perez was declared the winner 40-35 on all three judges’ cards. 

In all, the near capacity crowd had plenty to cheer about, as most of the bouts on the night’s card provided satisfactory action.  Despite Duane Mobley and Olandrewaju Durodola being in a little light, the other four fights were well matched and contested, and it didn’t hurt that Hall of Famer Tommy Hearns was seated ringside signing autographs and munching on complimentary hot dogs; mingling with the “Motor City Cobra”- priceless.   



Ring Legends Buster Douglas and Thomas Hearns Headline VIP Gala at Rising Star Casino

Ring Legends Buster Douglas and Thomas Hearns Headline VIP Gala at Rising Star Casino

By Aaron Lloyd

April 20, 2012, Rising Sun IN-  Former heavyweight champion James “Buster” Douglas and 7-time champion (and hall of famer) Thomas “the Hitman” Hearns “squared up” in jest on Friday night at the Rising Star Casino, in Southern Indiana ahead of the charity boxing event to  be held at the same venue on Saturday.  Longtime friend Nate Tubbs, who is promoting this weekend’s card in support of his nonprofit organization, The Nate Tubbs Group Home & Amateur Boxing Program for Teenage Boys, arranged Hearns’ appearance at the event, as well as Douglas, who also happens to have a fighter going in the co-feature tomorrow (Columbus native John L. Smith).  Both former champions were gracious and accommodating to the multitude of fans seeking autographs and photo opportunities, making for a memorable and overall entertaining evening.           

Earlier, the weigh-ins for Saturday’s show went off without a hitch, and the official weights and bout order are listed below:

Salvador Perez (124lbs) vs. Jimmy Smalls (123lbs)

2nd fight
Tiffany Woodward (208lbs) vs. Tanzee Daniels (236lbs)

3rd fight
Francois Russell (209lbs) vs. Duane Mobley (253lbs)

4th fight
Micah Branch (130.5lbs) vs. Mel Crossty (132lbs)

Co-Main Event
Ralph Lawrence (228.5lbs)  vs. John L. Smith Jr. (286)

2008 Nigerian Olympian Olandrewaju Durodola, 8-0 (7)

Main Event                        
Calvin Rooks (202lbs) (Replaces Willie Herring) vs. Olandrewaju Durodola (217lbs)

The doors open at 6pm and the first bout starts at 7pm. Tickets can be purchased at or at the casino box office, supplies are limited.


Fighting the Good Fight: Nate Tubbs and His Battle to Make a Difference

Fighting the Good Fight: Nate Tubbs and His Battle to Make a Difference

By Aaron Lloyd   

During the better part of the 1990s, former heavyweight contender Nate Tubbs spent a lot of time fighting his way through the ranks, and flattening opponents with his vaunted right hand.   Along the way he collected 18 wins against only 4 defeats (including 14 inside the distance) and his ring achievements included run ins with notables such as Lawrence Clay Bey, David Tua, and Corrie Sanders (whom he defeated by way of a spectacular second round knockout in May of 1994).  Now Tubbs, at the age of 47, is involved in an entirely different fight, against the drugs, guns, gangs, and violence that threaten the  welfare of today’s youth, and his once dangerous right hand has now become a welcomed extension for those in need of a new outlook on life and a fresh start from a troubled past.

As a youth growing up in Cincinnati OH, Nate Tubbs discovered early on the pitfalls that awaited many who turned to a life of crime as a coping mechanism for a life spent on the street.  Through boxing, Nate found an outlet that enabled him to avoid the harsh realities of drugs and violence, and simultaneously challenged him to develop himself in both mind and body.  It is therefore in that spirit, and with those goals in mind, that Nate established the Nate Tubbs Group Home & Amateur Boxing Program for Teenage Boys, a certified nonprofit organization, as a way to combat self destructive behavior and give young men the opportunity to grow as individuals through positive reinforcement.  By offering anger management classes, tutoring services, academic monitoring, college preparatory programs, and world class boxing instruction, Nate’s organization has provided a vital service to the community, as well as assistance to more than 60 at risk teens at its peak in 2008.        

After a three year hiatus, the realization of Nate’s dream to rebuild his organization and the continuation of his  mission to help those less fortunate takes another step forward this Saturday, April 21, with a “Boxing for Charity” fundraising event,  to be held at the Rising Star Casino in Southern Indiana.  With the help of some high profile boxing friends such as five division titlist Thomas “the Hitman” Hearns, former world heavyweight champion James “Buster” Douglas, and legendary trainer Janks Morton, Nate has put together an exciting night of boxing with the proceeds going to a worthy cause. 

The events will begin with a VIP meet and greet on Friday night, followed by an action packed night of boxing on Saturday.  Featured on Saturday night’s card is 2008 Nigerian Olympic qualifier, and undefeated heavyweight Olandrewaju “the Viper” Durodola,  along with 6’5, 278 pound Columbus, OH native John L. Smith, and Maryland heavyweight Duane Mobley.  Smith will enter the ring under the guidance of trainer James “Buster” Douglas, while Mobley works under the instruction of famed trainer Janks Morton, who has worked with numerous Olympic and professional world champions including Sugar Ray Leonard, Greg Page, Razor Ruddock, and Riddick Bowe.  In total, seven entertaining and competitive bouts are scheduled, and the bout sheet (subject to change) is as follows:

Heavyweight                     Olanrewaju Durodola 8-0 (7) vs. Calvin Rooks 3-3 (0)

Heavyweight                     John L. Smith 10-0 (3) vs. Ralph Lawrence 0-2 (0)

Jr. Lightweight                   Mel Crossty 4-0-1 (1) vs. TBA

Heavyweight                     Duane Mobley 1-0 (0) vs. Francois “the Hulk” Russell 0-2 (0)

Featherweight                   Salvador Perez 1-1-1 (1) vs. Jimmy Smalls 0-1 (0)

Heavyweights                    Tanzee Daniels vs. Tiffany “the Terminator” Woodward


So if you are interested in mingling with A-list celebrity guests, witnessing some hard hitting professional boxing action, and doing you’re part to contribute to a worthwhile endeavor, then get your tickets, come on down to the Rising Star Casino on April 21, and help Nate “Stop the Violence and Save the Kids!”

For those unable to attend, donations to the Nate Tubbs Group Home & Amateur Boxing Program for Teenage Boys nonprofit organization are welcome and greatly appreciated, and may be sent to:

 350 Hearn St.

Cincinnati, Oh 45229

For further information please contact Nate at (513) 633-7345

 Ticket & Venue Information


  • VIP tickets for the “Boxing for Charity” event are $75.00 and general admission prices are $25.00.
  • Tickets can be purchased through all Ticketmaster outlets, or the Rising Star Casino Resort box office by calling (800) 471-6311.
  • Discounted Veteran and Group Tickets can be obtained by contacting Nate Tubbs (513) 633-7345 or emailing
  • Doors open at 6:00 p.m. on Saturday April 21, with the first bout starting at 7:00 p.m.
  • Rising Star Casino Resort, 777 Rising Star Drive, Rising Sun, IN 47040 (800) 471-6311



Dailydaite-Krausova and Mohammedi-Belkacem Battle For WBF Titles On April 20th

NEWS RELEASE: World Boxing Federation a.s.b.l. (WBF)

Dailydaite-Krausova and Mohammedi-Belkacem Battle For WBF Titles On April 20th

 By Clive Baum

On Friday April 20 in Dortmund, Germany, undefeated Goda Dailydaite, 6-0 (2), takes on Arleta  Krausova, 6-1 (2), from the Czech Republic for the vacant World Boxing Federation Women’s World Featherweight title on a show promoted by Khalil Boxpromotion.

Born in Lithuania in 1985, Goda Dailydaite is now residing in Essen, not far from Dortmund.  She turned pro in June 2010, and already in her third fight, in April 2011, she won an Intercontinental title by defeating Austria’s Doris Koehler by ten round unanimous decision.

Dailydaite has since scored an additional three victories, and is aiming to take her career to the next level against Krausova. The 31-year old from Usti will enter her second world title fight, having lost a spirited challenge of WBF Super Featherweight Champion Ramona Kuehne on points last

In her last outing Krausova won a minor championship by defeating another German, Pia Mazelanik, this past November.  That bout, like the Kuehne-challenge, also took place in Germany, so fighting for titles
against Germans in Germany is nothing new to Arleta Krausova.

On the same night in Les Pennes-Mirabeau, France, WBF Intercontinental Light Heavyweight Champion Nadjib Mohammedi will put his title on the line against Algerian-born Swiss Mohamed Belkacem at the Salle Jean Roure.  This will be the first defense for Mohammedi, who won the title last year at the same venue against Georgian George Tevdorashvili.

Being a former French and European Union Champion, as well as a former WBO World title-challenger, Mohammedi, 25-3 (13), is the more accomplished of the two.  However, former Swiss Champion Belkacem, 20-4-1 (9), is no stranger to competing at championship level himself, and a year ago he proved his grit by losing a competitive decision to current WBF World Champion Doudou Ngumbu for the African Boxing Union crown.

The winner of the Mohammedi vs. Belkacem WBF Intercontinental Light Heavyweight title fight,  promoted by Robert Safrani and B C Center, could be in line to challenge the aforementioned Ngumbu for the World Championship, so a lot is on the line this coming Friday. The loser will have to get back in line.

For questions and inquiries, feel free to contact: World Boxing Federation
Media Director Clive Baum at


Review- Abril vs. Rios

Review – Abril vs. Rios

By Brian Grammer

If there is a boxing fan out there that hasn’t heard or read the results of this weekend’s premier event, Richard Abril and Brandon Rios, then I am sorry that there is not a spoiler alert in front of this review.

What happened in the ring at Mandalay Bay on Saturday night was nothing short of a felony perpetrated by judges Jerry Roth and Glenn Trowbridge.  Although the style used by Abril was not very pleasing to watch, it was extremely effective.  Brandon Rios was unable to get any offense going in many of the rounds.  The four elements of scoring a boxing match are effective aggressiveness, clean punching, ring generalship and defense.  Watching the contest again today with a clear head, I really studied the four elements in each and every round.  With the exception of the first and the fifth, Rios was on the losing side of the ledger in each of the four categories for the remaining rounds.  

Bullying your way inside of your opponent’s jab without jabbing yourself is not effective aggressiveness, especially when you do get inside and the majority of your punches land either on your opponent’s gloves or shoulder.  Additionally, if that is where your shots land, that is not very clean punching either.  The ring generalship was evident in Abril’s ability to stay in close once Rios closed the distance and also land very crisp short left hands and right uppercuts.  The “Philly-style” shoulder roll that is used so adroitly by James Toney and Floyd Mayweather was Abril’s best weapon in the fight.  You can’t hit what you can’t see and Abril was presenting such a small target for Rios to go after, it was an old-school style that made it to the 21st Century.  

There is the other issue that has soured me on Rios just like it soured me on Jose Luis Castillo a few years ago.  If you can’t make weight then you shouldn’t be allowed to fight and your opponent should get his purse and half what was supposed to go you.  The other half of the purse should go to a charity of the opposing fighter’s choosing.  Seeing paychecks lining other people’s pockets and helping those that are truly in need, will do wonders for the attitudes of fighters that are in weight classes much too low (dangerously low from a medical standpoint).  Starving and dehydrating yourself so that you can fight is something that the amateur wrestling community found out about decades ago.  It is dangerous to the fighter.  Fighters should go back to fighting in weight classes much closer to their walking around weight.


Fight Recap: Michael Katsidis vs. Albert Mensah

Fight Recap: Michael Katsidis vs. Albert Mensah ESPN FNF -4/13/2012

By Brian Grammer

Round 1- Just a little insight, mixing my two favorite sports, bowling and boxing, is a great way to start this fight.  Thanks Teddy!   Katsidis comes out both hands blazing driving Mensah into a corner.  Katsidis landing both hands, but Mensah lands a good uppercut to get him off.  Only for a moment though as Katsidis is relentless.  Mensah getting a couple of uppercuts and a couple of hooks, but Katsidis is landing everything. Finally, 2 minutes into the round they are out of the corner.  Katsidis drives him across the ring into the opposite corner, going to the body and head of Mensah with both hands.  Mensah is landing, but at a rate of about 1:6 ratio of Katsidis.  10-9 Katsidis.  

Round 2- Mensah holds off Katsidis for about 5 seconds and they are back against the ropes.  Mensah is landing good shots but not at nearly the rate of his opponent.  2 good hooks to the body of Mensah and then hooks to the head of Mensah.  Uppercut, hook combo from Katsidis.  Good 1-2 from Mensah.  Mensah shoves Katsidis off of him, but the Australian is just pouring it on.  What work rate from Katsidis, it is just constant punching from him and he is landing.  10-9 Katsidis

Round 3- Mensah starts the round with the jab and he is holding off Katsidis.  Good heavy jab from Mensah.  Katsidis lands a good left to the body.  Mensah lands a left to the jaw.  Downstairs then upstairs from Katsidis.  Mensah has stopped throwing.  Left hook from Mensah. He might have been saving energy. Mensah gets Katsidis off of him and lands three good long punches.  Katsidis wades right back in is punishing Mensah.  They trade right hands at the 10 second warning.  10-9 Katsidis

Round 4- Mensah starts the round with the jab again and he is doing a lot of good work.  Katsidis wades in and eats an uppercut right hand combo.  As long as Mensah throws the jab he controls the distance and scores.  Katsidis is getting sloppy and Mensah is making him pay with the uppercut.  Again Mensah is holding him off with the jab and he throws a 3 punch combo that rocks Katsidis .  Mensah is moving Katsidis backward now with the jab and the right hand.  Great action fight.  First round for Mensah, 10-9

Round 5- Overhand right from Katsidis.  Uppercut lands from Mensah, and then a left hook lands for Katsidis.  Crazy fast pace has slowed to something more sustainable.  Mensah is getting the better of the action now.  Katsidis discovers that he does have a jab after all and triples it up to get inside.  Katsidis is changing the angles now and landing with both hands again.  Mensah is covering up, trying to weather the storm.  Good right hand from Katsidis.  Right hand, then left hook from Mensah to end the round. 

Round 6- Good fight so far.  Mensah is throwing the left hand both as a jab and a hook and it is connecting.  Big hook from Katsidis lands on the jaw.  Hook from Mensah.  Huge right hand from Mensah.  Hook from Mensah.  Hook from Katsidis and they trade hooks.  Good left then right from Mensah.  This is a war.  Good hook from Mensah.  Left hook from Katsidis.  8 punch combo from Katsidis.  Great fight.  10-9 Katsidis. 

Round 7- I’ll be honest, this round by round cannot do this fight justice.  They are just throwing too much, too fast to cover accurately, but I am doing my best.  

Trading stiff jabs.  Mensah lands a hook that scores.  Right hand from Mensah.  Mensah is throwing as hard as he can, looking for the knockout.  Katsidis just wades inside of that and throws both hands, body then head.  Styles make fights.  Triple jab from Katsidis and then a right hand and now he has Mensah pinned on the ropes and he is unloading on Mensah.  Mensah gets off of the ropes and starts up the jab and then a big right hand from Katsidis Another right hand stops Mensah.  10-9 Katsidis.

Round 8- We start like we have the last few rounds.  Mensah holding off Katsidis with the jab and Katsidis looking to pounce.  Good right from Mensah.  Double jab from Mensah, but Katsidis walks through it and just starts pounding Mensah’s body.  Left hook pops Katsidis.  Slower round and neither fighter has the steam on their punches.  Good hook to the body from Mensah but then Katsidis drives a right hand into Mensah’s jaw and pushes him into the corner.  10-9 Katsidis

Round 9- Katsidis pounces out of the corner and lands a couple of left hooks before Mensah tries to reestablish the jab.  That plan is out the window and both fighters are throwing both hands and landing a lot.  Right hand jerks Mensah’s head sidewas.  Katsidis is pounding the body with both hands.  Mensah is trapped in the corner again, but Katsidis is not getting as much done as Mensah’s defense is good.  Right hand from Mensah and then a big left hook rocks Katsidis.  Another hook at the warning stuns Katsidis again and I think that the bigger shots from Mensah wins him this round.  10-9 Mensah. 

Round 10- Final round of a great fight.  This one will make YouTube numbers jump tomorrow.  Both fighters driving the jab.  Hook from Katsidis shakes Mensah.  Left uppercut,right hand, left hook from Mensah.  Right hands from Katsidis.  Both fighters throw right hands.  Katsidis hanging on.  Lots of haymakers from both men, missing.  Left hook lands flush on Katsidis jaw.  Another hook stuns him. Another hook from Mensah.  Katsidids throws 12 punches in a row.  Left hook from Mensah.  Right hand from Katsidis .  What a fight!!!!!  10-9 Mensah.

Post Fight- FNPP scores this fight 96-94 for Katsidis. Official scores are 95-95, 96-94, 98-92 Majority Decision to Albert Mensah


Christina Hammer, World Middleweight Title Defense In Brno on April 5th

NEWS RELEASE:  World Boxing Federation a.s.b.l. (WBF)

Christina Hammer, World Middleweight Title Defense In Brno on April 5th

21 years old, and considered the number-one female middleweight in the world, Christina Hammer is making her third defense of the World Boxing Federation World title on Thursday April 5, at the Vodova Arena in Brno, Czech Republic.  

Hammer, 11-0 (7), is taking on South African challenger Julie “Queen” Tshabalala, 4-1-1 (1), on a show promoted by SES Boxing that also features a championship fight between local hero Lukas Konecny and Frenchman Salim Larbi.  

Born in Novodolinka, Kazakhstan, the nationalized German has become something of a Globetrotting champion, winning the WBF World title in Slovenia in February 2011, and defending it in the Czech Republic three months later, before returning to Germany for her second defense last October. Now she will go back to the Czech Republic for the Tshabalala encounter.  

Julie Tshabalala from Johannesburg is the reigning South African Middleweight Champion. Making her professional debut in August 2008, she captured the national title almost exactly a year later with a ten-round unanimous decision over Bomkazi Klaas. She defended the title the following year in a rematch with Klaas, and again last summer with a stoppage over Lilian Molala.  

While Hammer has five more professional bouts than Tshabalala, and been in four title fights compared to the South African’s three, the champion would be wise not to underestimate her challenger, who is known for her fighting spirit and determination.  

The Christina Hammer vs. Julie Tshabalala WBF Women’s World Middleweight title fight will be streamed live and exclusively to the world via from 8 PM local time.   

For questions and inquiries, feel free to contact: World Boxing Federation Media Director Clive Baum at