Analysis – Williams vs. Ishida – 02/17/12

Analysis – Williams vs. Ishida – 02/17/12

By Brian Grammer

Paul Williams (41-2, 27 KOs) put on a dominating performance against Nobuhiro Ishida (24-7-2, 9 KOs), putting aside some doubts about Williams ability to compete against the leading 154 pounders. Williams won a shutout decision, 120-108 on all three cards. FNPP scored it 117-111.

Williams continues to lean in and fight in a tight, inside style, which is unusual for a 6 foot tall fighter. But, he made it work for him, pounding away at Ishida as they lay their heads against their opponent’s chest.

Williams used the right hand to pound away at Ishida’s midsection when in the clinch, and at times, he appeared to be holding Ishida with the left as he landed the blows.

Ishida was a tough competitor, but was either just a half beat behind on throwing his punches, or when he did land, it was mostly an arm punch. Work needs to be in the gym to teach Ishida how to sit down more on his shots.

The night belonged to “The Punisher” as he erased some doubts about his ability. The lanky left-hander from Aiken, SC. never was in trouble like he was against Lara.



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