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Andrade Sharp in Win Over Duran

Current junior middleweight prospect and former U.S. Olympian Demetrius Andrade kept his winning streak alive last night with a three round stoppage of veteran Saul Duran in Manchester New Hampshire.  Andrade made use of his excellent jab, and his hand speed to land stinging shots on the 38-year-old former world title challenger, ultimately beating him into submission as the third round faded into the rest period.  At the close of rounds two and three Andrade stepped up his attack, and had Duran hurt, rendering him unable to continue into the fourth.  With the win, Andrade improved to 15-0 with 10 knockouts, and Duran, who has now lost 11 out of his last 15 fights, fell to 38-19-2 with 31 knockouts.

After the fight, Andrade expressed an interest in fighting one more time before the end of the year, after which, his intention is to fight for a title sometime in 2012.


Floyd Joy Shuns Olive Branch, KO’s Ortiz

Sep 17, 2011 WBC Welterweight Title Floyd Mayweather KO 4 Victor Ortiz




 Floyd Mayweather Jr. took the WBC welterweight title from Victor Ortiz last night, in one of the most highly controversial and implausible outcomes in recent memory.  From the opening bell, Mayweather dominated the action with his trademark right hand leads and his legendary defense.  Ortiz pressured the pound for pound great, but offered up little in terms of productive offense until the fourth round when Ortiz, sensing an opening, went on the offensive and put Mayweather into the corner with a volley of punches.  Mayweather, slipped, ducked, and caught the majority of the punches thrown; however, he could not escape the intentional head butt delivered by Ortiz in a moment of ardor.  Mayweather immediately recoiled from the infraction, and Joe Cortez admonished Ortiz by taking a point away for the offense.  Then things took a major turn towards the bizarre, as Ortiz, overly apologetic, tried to hug Mayweather, and even kissed him on the cheek as a measure of his remorse.  Just as the two were about to commence the action, Ortiz offered up one last repentant hug to Floyd, who responded with a left hook instead, stunning the champion, and everyone watching.  Ortiz looked to Cortez for assistance, who was still busy tending to the timekeeper, and before any measure of intervention could be taken, Mayweather landed a straight right hand that snapped Ortiz’s head back, and dropped him flat on his backside.  Cortez then stepped in to administer the count, and the fight was over.  The crowd immediately started booing the outcome, and Mayweather in a post fight interview, accused HBO’s Larry Merchant of “not knowing sh#t about boxing” after Merchant questioned the legality of the knockout blow.  Merchant, not to be outdone, responded, “If I were 50 years younger I would kick you’re a@s.” 

In all, the bout transpired according to the plan predicted by many boxing experts and the bookmakers.  Mayweather was far too quick, too sharp, and too good in the early going, and despite Ortiz turning up the pressure in round four, Mayweather still appeared well in control of the pace and action in the fight.  In the end, while the outcome itself was a shame, and many fans were cheated from witnessing a potentially competitive fight, you cannot blame Mayweather for his actions, because Ortiz failed to adhere to boxing’s cardinal rule, “protect yourself at all times.”            


Sep 17, 2011 Jr. Welterweights Jessie Vargas W 10 Josesito Lopez





On the night’s first undercard, Jessie Vargas and Josesito Lopez battled for ten tough rounds, with Vargas narrowly taking the decision by the slightest of margins.  The veteran Lopez pushed the action for much of the bout, with Vargas moving and countering, throwing combinations, and trying to avoid pitched battles by staying mobile.  Although Vargas was the busier fighter, throwing 851 punches to Lopez’s 509, his punches lacked the steam of Lopez, and although the overall number of punches landed favored Vargas by a margin of 167 to 122, Lopez made the fight close by being the aggressor and landing comparable power shot numbers (96 to Vargas’s 103).  In the end, the young Vargas narrowly managed to keep his undefeated record intact, winning a split decision victory by scores of 94-99, 96-93, and 95-95.      

Sep 17, 2011 WBC Jr. Welterweight Title Erik Morales RTD 10 Pablo Cesar Cano


Last minute replacement Pablo Cesar Cano took full advantage of the opportunity presented to him on Saturday night, and displayed extreme fortitude, despite a losing effort to future hall of famer Erik Morales.  With Lucas Matthysse pulling out of the fight just weeks ago, relatively unknown Cesar Cano stepped in and proved himself more than worthy of the assignment, holding his own in a back and forth contest through ten hard fought rounds.  

Cano came out in round one and made good use of his jab and lateral movement to keep the veteran Morales on the defensive and ineffective in mounting any offensive attacks.  As the rounds drew on, however, Morales began catching the youngster with habitual right hands, which began to paint and distort Cano’s face.  By round six, Cano was a bloodied mess, and both eyes showed evidence, through swelling, of Morales’ success in scoring effective head shots.  Even though the scoring of the fight appeared to be in doubt up to the point of the bout’s conclusion, Cano’s condition was too much for the referee to allow to continue, and Morales was awarded the victory by way of a TKO stoppage just as the tenth round ended.  The total punch stats confirmed the close nature of the fight, as Morales landed 214 out of 561(38%), and Cano landed 201 out of 652 (31%).

Sep 17, 2011 WBC Jr. Middleweight Title Saul Alvarez   Alfonso Gomez

 Mexican sensation Saul Alvarez retained his WBC Junior middleweight title last night with a … round TKO victory over a game and spirited Alfonso Gomez.  Over the first half of the fight, Gomez pursued the champion and controlled much of the action as Alvarez cautiously countered and looked to turn Gomez’s aggression against him.  Despite going down from a short jab in the first, Gomez managed to outwork, and even outmuscle the champion over the beginning and middle rounds, making the bout atypical for the young Alvarez.  In round six, however, Alvarez caught Lopez with a series of shots, and then pursued him across the ring, landing uncontested shot after uncontested shot.  While it appeared to many observers that Gomez was catching many of the shots on his gloves, the fact that he was not throwing back prompted referee Wayne Hedgpeth to stop the fight at 2:36 seconds of round six.  The final punch stats favored Alvarez 103-86, and in terms of percentages, Alvarez proved the more accurate of the two, by a margin of 34% to 24%.

Other Notable Titlist and Contender Results From Around the World

(courtesy of







Junior Middleweight Prizefighter Tournament Results

Robert Lloyd Taylor, in a reserve role, stepped in and won the twentieth Prizefighter championship last night, highlighting an action packed event in London.  Lloyd-Taylor, filling in for J.J. Bird (who fainted in his dressing room prior to the start of the first bout), won a combined three matches over the course of the night, a split decision victory in his first bout, a TKO in his second, and a unanimous decision points win against Nick Quigley in the nights’ final.  With the three wins, Lloyd-Taylor improved to 18-7 with 5 knockouts, and earned roughly $50,000 for his efforts. 

For a detailed description of the entire fight card click here:

Results courtesy of


Mayweather Drops By On Team Coco

Floyd Mayweather Jr. made a guest appearance on Conan last night in order to hype his upcoming bout with welterweight champion Victor Ortiz on September 17.  Among the topics discussed were Ortiz’s love of Harry Potter, Floyd’s foray into professional wrestling, and the pound for pound champions strategy in a hypothetical matchup against the lanky talk show host himself.  Mayweather was charming, relaxed, and engaging in a way that PG television allows.


Fightin’ Words: Quote of the Week

This week’s quote comes to us courtesy of Jim Wicks, the once manager of British heavyweight champion Henry Cooper, who, having grown tired of the incessant badgering from George Chuvalo on the subject of his desire to meet Henry in the ring, responded,

“George, Henry doesn’t even want to meet you socially.”


Neutral Boxing Results 9/4-9/10

For Klitschko, It’s Just Another Day at the Box Office


WBC Heavyweight Title

190 +

Vitali Klitschko 43-2 (40)

TKO 10

Tomasz Adamek 44-2 (28)

Vitali Klitschko, the reigning WBC heavyweight champion, retained his title on Saturday with an absolute one-sided drubbing of a game but completely overmatched Tomasz Adamek.  Utilizing his height and reach advantage, Klitschko made it impossible for the smaller Adamek to mount any perceptible offense as powerful left jabs and punishing right hands made the path forward a perilous endeavor.  To his credit, Adamek did willfully challenge the champion on occasion, however, the outcome never appeared to be in question, as Klitschko pawed with the jab, and even toyed with his smaller challenger by carrying his left hand down by his waist and attempting to draw him inside.  In total, Klitschko landed 230 of his 608 punches, which included 140 jabs and 90 power shots.  In contrast, Adamek, noticeably gun-shy, threw half as many punches (301), and landed at a percentage just shy of 30%.  By the late rounds, it became just a matter of time before the referee decided to halt the action, and at 2:20 of round ten the beating was ended. In the end, what started as a night filled with great heavyweight expectations, ended as usual, with a tedious  and noncompetitive Klitschko victory.                     

The Maturation of Gamboa



Yuriorkis Gamboa 20-0 (16)

TD 8

Daniel Ponce De Leon 41-4 (34)

Yuriorkis Gamboa took another step towards solidifying his position as one of the best pound for pound fighters on the planet this weekend with a smart, sharp, highly skilled technical decision victory over the always tough Daniel Ponce De Leon.  In the early rounds the action was close, but still favored Gamboa by way of the judges’ scoring.  In the middle rounds, Gamboa’s speed and punching accuracy began to prove more and more evident, as the sharp-shooting Cuban repeatedly scored first amidst the wider punches of his opponent.  In round seven, Gamboa’s dominance was the most apparent, as his earlier patience was transformed into a more brutally aggressive attack.  In round eight, with the fight squarely in Gamboa’s favor, a clash of heads resulted in a cut on De Leon’s brow, and the ringside physician halted the action immediately.  In the end, the final scoring over eight rounds validated what was apparent to most ringside observers, as Gamboa won easily by scores of  80-72, 80-72, and 79-73.

Other Notable Titlist and Contender Results From Around the World








Vincent Arroyo 12-1 (7)

W 10

Hector Sanchez 19-2 (9) 



Antonio Pitalua 53-5 (46)

W 12

Cosme Rivera 32-15-2 (23)

Jr. Middleweights


Gabriel Rosado 18-5 (10)

W 10

Keenan Collins 13-7-2 (9)



Lateef Kayode 18-0 (14)

W 10

Felix Cora Jr. 22-6-2 (12)


WBO Intercontinental Flyweight Title


Milan Melindo 25-0 (9)

TKO 10

Francisco Rosas 22-9-2 (13)

Junior Featherweights


Cristian Mijares 43-6-2 (19)


Jonathan Perez 19-9 (16)

Jr. Featherweights


Carl Frampton 11-0 (7)


Mark Quon 11-4-1 (2)

Jr. Lightweights


Luis Cruz 19-0 (15)


Antonio Davis 28-7 (13)

IBF Jr. Lightweight Title


Juan Carlos Salgado 24-1-1 (16)

W 12

Argenis Mendez 18-2 (9)

Jr. Welterweights


Paul McCloskey 23-1 (12)

W 12

Breidis Prescott 24-3 (19)



Mateusz Masternak 24-0 (18)

KO 3

Carl Davis 15-4 (11)



Ola Afolabi 18-2-3 (8)

W 8

Lukasz Ruslewicz 9-11 (2)


190 +

Andrezj Wawrzyk 23-0 (12)


Devin Vargas 18-2 (7)


Book Review: Sugar Ray Leonard

In his book The Big Fight: My Life In And Out Of the Ring, Sugar Ray Leonard provides his readers with an honest and forthright insight into the dark dichotomy that existed between the humble and personable media darling Ray Leonard and his narcissistic alter ego, Sugar Ray.  In a way, Sugar Ray was a byproduct of his own success.  He was flashy, flamboyant, and extremely talented, and in time, he would come to have everything at his disposal, including championships, money, drugs, and women.  He fought hard and trained hard, and he justified the excesses in his life based on his achievements in the ring.  Unfortunately, underneath the picture perfect façade was a man victimized by his own past and tormented by the pain of his own frequent transgressions.  The infidelity and substance abuse were both symptomatic of a distorted sense of entitlement, but more than that, they were ways for Ray Leonard to deal with the pain that he kept buried behind that million dollar smile.       

As the heir apparent to Muhammad Ali and the face of boxing in the late seventies and early eighties, Sugar Ray Leonard, to most observers, seemingly led a rather charmed and idyllic life.  However, in his book, Leonard pulls no punches and spares little detail in describing the anguish that occurred outside of the ring, which tested the limits of his character and courage well into adulthood.  The poverty, the repeated domestic altercations between his mother and father, and the two separate instances of sexual molestation (by trusted members of the boxing fraternity) were all contributing events that transformed this shy, unassuming, youngster from Palmer Park Maryland into a fierce competitor inside the ring and a wounded soul outside of it. 

If you are a fan of Sugar Ray Leonard like me, you will relish the insight he provides from the days leading up to his Olympic gold medal winning performance in Montreal in 1976 to his memorable fights with Wilfred Benitez, Tommy Hearns, Roberto Duran, and Marvin Hagler.  Being allowed an all access pass into the mind of one of history’s greatest fighters is priceless, and if you enjoy primary storytelling of this nature, then there is more than enough here to keep you turning pages all the way through to the book’s 298 page conclusion. 

In the end, Sugar Ray Leonard’s The Big Fight: My Life In and Out of the Ring is about perseverance, admitting and forgiving one’s own faults, and moving forward to a place of healing.  It is about rediscovering yourself and realizing that it is never too late to become the person you always wanted to be.   As a young kid in the early eighties, Sugar Ray Leonard was a hero to me for what I believed he was.  Now he is a hero to me for who he truly is.



Neutral Boxing Results 8/28-9/3

Titlist and Contender Results From Around the World

Aug 31, 2011 WBA Bantamweight Title

Koki Kameda 26-1 (16)

W 12

David De La Mora 23-1 (16)

  • Koki Kameda defended his WBA bantamweight title this weekend with a hard fought unanimous decision victory over Mexican David De La Mora.  The fight was very evenly contested, with Kameda’s knockdown in the third round proving critical to the fight’s scoring of 114-113, 115-113 and 115-112.  
Aug 31, 2011 WBA Junior Bantamweight Title

Tomonobu Shimizu 19-3-1 (9)

W 12

Hugo Cazares 35-7-2 (44)

“Japan’s Tomonobu Shimizu became the new WBA super flyweight champion Wednesday with a split decision over Hugo Cazares of Mexico.  Shimizu won on two cards by scores of 115-113, while one judge saw it 115-114 for Cazares.  It was the fifth title defense for Cazares, who won the belt in May 2010 against Nobuo Nashiro and was coming off a third-round knockout of Arturo Badillo on July 9. The Mexican fell to 35-7-2 with his first loss since falling to Ivan Calderon three years ago.  Shimizu won his fifth straight bout and improved to 19-3-1. His last loss came in his last title chance, suffering a 10th-round knockout by Daisuke Naito in July 2008.”
Sports Network (August 31, 2011). Shimizu Takes Flyweight Title From Cazares. Retrieved from
Aug 31, 2011 IBF Middleweight Title

Daniel Geale 26-1 (15)

W 12

Eromosele Albert 24-5-1 (12)

  • Daniel Geale held off a game, but overmatched challenger to retain his IBF middleweight title last Wednesday in Australia.  The 37 year old Nigerian challenger gave Geale all he could handle, but fell just short in the round by round scoring, making the overall scoring of 119-109, 117-111, and 116-112 look more lopsided than the action in the ring indicated.
Sep 2, 2001 WBO/NABO Junior Lightweight Title

Eloy Perez 22 -0-2 (6)

KO 2

Daniel Jimenez 20-4-1 (12)

  • Eloy Perez made short work of his Puerto Rican challenger this past weekend, defending his WBO/NABO junior featherweight titles with a sensational one punch knockout in round two of the scheduled twelve round contest.  Perez sent Jimenez to the canvas twice in the first round, and just 50 seconds into the second, a left hook brought finality to the action.

Sep 2, 2011 Lightweight

Jose “Chelo” Gonzalez 17-0 (13)

KO 1

Eddie Soto 13-3 (4)

  • Puerto Rican standout lightweight Jose “Chelo” Gonzalez remained unbeaten this weekend with an effortless exhibition against a fellow compatriot.  Gonzalez improved to 17-0 with 13 knockouts, and the knockout marked his 10th such stoppage in his last eleven fights.
Sep 2, 2011 Featherweights

Chonlatarn Piriyapinyo 39-0 (23)

KO 6

Roel Laguna 12-7-2 (8)

  • At 39-0 with 26 knockouts, Piriyapinyo is worthy of a mention in this week’s results section, as his growing contender status in the featherweight division has justified a #16 ranking by the fine folks at  He is also rated as the #1 overall featherweight from his native of Thailand.  Outside of Thailand, no one has heard of him, so now you have.    
Sep 2, 2011 IBF Junior Flyweight Title

Luis Lazarte 49-10-2 (18)

W 12

Nerys Espinoza 29-7-1 (20)

  • Lazarte, despite being 40 years of age, proved that once again that he is still one of the best junior flyweight fighters in the world, after easily decisioning the younger Espinoza over twelve rounds.  Espinoza gave chase through the middle and late rounds, however, Lazarte’s superior boxing skills enabled him to take the decision 116-111 on all three judge’s cards. 
Sep 3, 2011 IBF Welterweight Title

Andre Berto 28-1 (22)


Jan Zaveck 31-2 (18)

  • Andre Berto lifted the IBF welterweight title from Jan Zaveck this weekend with a five round TKO cut-stoppage victory.  The pace was frantic from the opening bell, as both fighters exchanged willingly, with Berto’s jab and hand speed dictating the tempo over the first half of the fight.  The formula repeated itself round after round as Berto threw thunderous punches, while Zaveck caught them well on his arms and returned effective fire of his own.  In many of the exchanges Zaveck looked to land the cleaner more effective punches, however, Berto kept pouring on the pressure and overwhelming the champion with his high volume attack.  In round five, Zaveck’s right eye was cut and bloodied, and swelling also began to affect his vision, prompting his corner to end the action, despite the fighter’s protestations.  In what was a very entertaining bout, Berto managed to land 89 out of 358 punches for a percentage of 25%, while Zaveck landed 109 out of 268, for a 41% rate.
Sep 3, 2011 Featherweights

Gary Russell Jr. 18-0

W 8

Leonila Miranda

  • Top flight prospect Gary Russell Jr. outworked his opponent and utilized his superior hand speed and combination punching to earn a lopsided eight round decision this past weekend in Biloxi Mississippi.  Miranda fought courageously, however, the differences in ability were widely apparent and plentiful as Russell Jr. applied constant pressure and landed stinging combinations, while managing to avoid the more sluggish punches of Miranda.  In the end, the punch stat numbers favored Russell Jr. by a margin of 210 to 71, and the percentages showed the slant in precision as well, as Russell Jr. landed 45% of his punches to Miranda’s 12%.  When the final scores were tallied, the young prospect had earned a unanimous decision victory, 80-72, 80-72, and 79-72.    


Sep 3, 2011 Welterweights

Randall Bailey 42-7 (36)

W 10

Yoryi Estrella 10-6-2 (7)

  • 36-year-old Randall Bailey set himself up for a shot at Andre Berto with an easy points win over Yoryi Estrella on Saturday.  Bailey walked through his mandatory “tune up,” posting scores of 100-89 on two judge’s cards, and 98-91 on the third.  Improving to 42-7, a future date with Berto has not been set at this point.   
Sep 3, 2011 Super Middleweights

Thomas Oosthuizen 16-0-1 (11)

W 12

Aaron Pryor Jr. 16-4 (11)

  • South African Super middleweight Thomas Oosthuizen took another step towards prominence in the division with an easy points win over Aaron Pryor Jr. in Biloxi Mississippi this past Saturday.  Oosthuizen boxed well, and sent dropped the American in round three, but was forced to extend the duration through to the final bell.  All three judges scored the fight 117-111 in Oosthuizen’s favor.

Sep 3, 2011 Junior Welterweights

Humberto Soto 56-7 2 (33)


Jose Alfaro 25-8 (22)

It wasn’t pretty, but Humberto Soto, bleeding from a clash of heads, managed to stop Alfaro in the second round of their contest in Mexico, and extend his winning streak to 13.  Soto improved to 56-7-2 with 33 knockouts, and as of right now his ranking by Boxrec as the #5 overall junior welterweight is still justified.

Sep 3, 2011 IBO Bantamweight Title

Vic Darchinyan 37-3-1 (27)

W 12

Evans Mbamba 18-2 (9)

“Current IBO bantamweight champion Vic Darchinyan (37-3, 27 KOs) fought vigorously in front of a home crowd in Yerevan on Saturday night to retain his title by judges’ unanimous decision against challenger Evans Mbamba (18-2, 9 KOs) from South Africa.
The first professional boxing bout ever to be held in Armenia was part of the “Armenia Against the World” international boxing competition that went 4-0 in favor of the host nation.
In the presence of thousands of spectators at the Karen Demirchyan Sport and Concert Complex, including Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan, National Olympic Committee President Gagik Tsarukyan and other senior guests, Darchinyan, 35, dubbed “The Raging Bull”, dominated throughout the 12-round bout against his less experienced challenger Mbamba, 29.The Vanadzor-born southpaw revealed his great ambition early on by knocking his opponent down seconds into the fight. He kept punching Mbamba hard all the way to the final gong, making it a 119-107, 120-107, 120-107 decision by the three judges.Speaking to the audience after the fight, Darchinyan dedicated his latest victory to the 20th anniversary of Armenia’s independence, which is to be marked on September 21, and presented his belt to President Sargsyan.“I was going for a big punch…, but I was a little in a rush,” the champion revealed in an interview, making it clear that it was yet early for him to call it a career in professional boxing.”


 Musayelyan, Suren (September, 4, 2011).  Boxing: Raging Bull Dazzles Home Crowd as Armenia Beats ‘The World.’ Retrieved from

Sep 3, 2011 European Bantamweight Title

Jamie McDonnell 18-2-1 (7)

W 12

Stuart Hall 11-1-1 (7)

“Jamie McDonnell added Stuart Hall’s British bantamweight title to his European and Commonwealth belts with a scintillating points victory before fervent hometown support in Doncaster.McDonnell showcased clinical combination punching alongside slick defensive work as he chalked up his 10th consecutive win that moves his professional record to 18 wins, two defeats and a solitary draw by margins of 116-113, 116-114 and 115-113.

A thrilling rally in the later rounds from Hall threatened a remarkable comeback, but the 31-year-old from Darlington (11-1-1) slipped to his first professional defeat.

Hall sent home a pair of chopping right hooks in the opener, but McDonnell responded with a left uppercut of his own. McDonnell’s jab was the key feature as round two began and he fired a wonderful overhand right off the lead. Hall unloaded some hooks in response but the 25-year-old was already into a smooth rhythm boxing off the back foot

When Hall ploughed forward in three he was caught by a swinging left and in the quick-fire exchanges that followed McDonnell was landing the cleaner shots. A crisp left uppercut was the highlight for McDonnell as he impressed in the next session, his slick movement often leaving Hall clubbing at thin air.

Hall had won his previous four fights by stoppage, but although McDonnell felt his power with a right cross the younger fighter continued to beat his opponent to the punch in a thrilling fifth that had the arena on its feet.

A flush left-hook in the sixth marked Hall’s best moment of the contest so far as McDonnell’s assured defense briefly deserted him, but the younger man responded by ripping an uppercut to the body in round seven.

Another smooth McDonnell combination concluded with a right uppercut that sent Hall’s head backwards in the eighth and even though Hall beckoned his man forth for further trading, he continued to come off second best.

McDonnell swayed effortlessly away from some desperate shots on the ropes at the start of nine, but Hall refused to be bowed, with a sharp one-two upstairs followed by a crunching right to the jaw his reward. Suddenly McDonnell was the man getting caught with right hooks on the way in as Hall enjoyed his most convincing period of the fight.

A more compact McDonnell emerged for the penultimate stanza, but Hall found the target with concussive rights once more, before return fire sent him towards the ropes with a cut above the left eye. Both fighters spent the closing minute trading exhilaratingly in the centre of the ring, giving the bout the finale it deserved.”

-The Press Association (UKPA) McDonnell Triumphs on Home Soil. Retrieved from

Sep 3, 2011 Middleweights Marco Antonio Rubio 52-5-1 (45)


Mohammed Akrong 13-4 (10)
“Mexico’s Marco Antonio Rubio scored a 5th-round TKO over a game Mohammed Akrong of Ghana last night, in what turned out to be a sensational battle. The 31-year-old Rubio, fighting in his homeland, scored with a big left hand to the body in the 5th, and down went 28-year-old Akrong. Though be bounced straight back up, the referee decided Akrong had seen enough and stopped the fight. A good call by the ref.Rubio is now 52-5-1(45). Akrong is now 13-4(10).

Having his first fight outside of Ghana, the little-known Akrong sure made a name for himself last night. If Rubio was hoping for a relatively easy fight to keep him busy while he plays the waiting game with regards to his shot at WBC middleweight titlist Julio Cesar Chavez Junior, he soon realized he was in anything but an easy one.

The action was terrific, with the 3rd-round being a ROTY candidate. The two went to war in a sizzling slugfest, and both men threw a ton of leather – most of which landed. A hard left uppercut to the chin hurt Akrong, only for the younger man to come firing back himself. Rubio was forced to eat some serious shots to the head. A great round indeed.

The war continued in the 4th, as Akrong drove Rubio into the ropes once again and unloaded. Rubio staggered his man briefly and then took his turn to drive him backwards. Great action, which the big crowd was thoroughly enjoying. Akrong’s face was showing signs of swelling by now, but he was as game as hell. Some hard body work was landed by Rubio, his heavy hands doing more damage. Akrong was badly hurt in the closing seconds of the 4th, and he stumbled into the ropes.

The end came in a wild 5th-round. A body shot followed by a long left to the head wobbled Akrong and Rubio went for it with both hands. Akrong came back once again though! The two fought through the pain, neither guy backing down, until, after taking some bruising blows, Akrong at last crumpled. A left to the midsection dropped the visitor, and though the bloody-faced warrior from Ghana beat the count he was both tired and hurt. No-one complained about the stoppage.

Not too much was expected from last night’s fight, with a relatively easy and straightforward win for Rubio anticipated. Instead, the fans witnessed a savage dog fight; one that should at least get an “honourable mention” when it comes to 2011’s FOTY!

But how much did last night’s fight take out of Rubio?”

Slater, James (September 5, 2011). Marco Antonio Rubio Stops Mohammed Akrong In 5th Round of a Slugfest! Retrieved from

Sep 3, 2011 Japanese Super Featherweight Title

Seichi Okada 15-1 (9)

W 10

Kota Suzushino 18-13-3 (5)