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For Judah, There is No Escaping the Wrath of Khan

In the months leading up to Amir Khan’s fight with Zab Judah, Freddie Roach confidently predicted his fighter’s chances of winning to be 100% and went so far as to claim that Khan could take out anyone at 140 pounds, including Timothy Bradley.  “He is explosive, he comes to fight, and his conditioning will be 110%” against Judah, said Roach.  He went on to predict that Khan’s speed and jab would pose problems for the veteran southpaw and gave every indication that the fight plan he and Khan had crafted would result in a stoppage well within the distance.  In case you weren’t listening before, now would be a good time to start paying closer attention to what this mad scientist with punch mitts has to say.  

From the opening bell, Amir Khan looked very sharp, landing well with the jab, and raking Judah over with precise combinations to the head and body.   As the fight wore on,  Judah looked every bit his 33 years of age, as the difference in hand speed and offensive productivity noticeably favored the younger fighter.   In the fifth round, Khan sent Judah to the canvas with a punch that appeared to land cleanly at the belt level, despite Judah’s contention that the punch strayed too far south.  Judah then proceeded to take the full ten count, from referee Vic  Draculich, just as the fifth round concluded, and the fight ended on a rather unfulfilling and controversial note.  In the end, however, it appeared that a victory for Khan was inevitable as he thoroughly dominated the action, out landing Judah by a margin of 61 to 20 in punches landed and bloodying and battering the former champion all the way up until the bouts conclusion. 

With the win, Khan claimed the IBF version of the junior welterweight title, he improved to 26-1 with 18 knockouts, and he established himself as the preeminent challenger for Timothy Bradley’s number one ranking in the division.  Judah, on the other hand, fell to 41-7 with 28 knockouts, and witnessed firsthand, the nightmare that is Freddie.    



“Magic Man” Tarver Proves There Are Still Tricks Up His Sleeve


Antonio Tarver, at the age of 42, proved that Bernard Hopkins is not the only old man out there winning titles these days.  Granted, his is the IBO version of the cruiserweight title, however, his accomplishment is still a noteworthy achievement considering the level of completion he was facing.  Green had not lost since 2006, he was making his fifth defense of his title, and he was ranked #8 and #10 respectively by the IBF and WBO sanctioning bodies.  Unfortunately, at the age of 38 himself, Green looked like a fighter past his prime as Tarver came out and punished him from the get go, hurting him in round one, and flooring him in the second frame.  The beating continued until the conclusion of the ninth round when referee Howard John Foster was forced to halt the action, giving Tarver another piece of hardware to add to his already impressive collection.  With the win, Tarver improved to 29-6 with 20 knockouts, while Green fell to 31-4 with 27 KO’s.


Klitschko Gets Little Challenge From Little Challenger

On a night filled with extreme pomp and circumstance, the only fireworks seen at the Imtech-Arena in Germany were found outside the ring as Wladimir Klitschko methodically jabbed and pawed his way to another lackluster twelve round decision.  Despite the lead-up to the fight including axioms involving decapitations, punishment, and many other acts of violence, the reality of the actual event was little more than a glorified sparring session.  The smaller Haye lunged in periodically looking to land one big punch, cautiously avoiding all perceptible threats to his consciousness, and Klitschko, in turn, responded by doing what he does best, which is controlling the tempo from the outside and being slightly more productive during the fights numerous idle periods.  In all, Klitschko got little resistance from his “cheeky” adversary, and he responded by doing the absolute minimum necessary to get the win.

Neutral Scoring: 118-109 Klitschko


Final Punch Statistics


134/509 – 26%


72/290 – 25%